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This Lexicon is far from completed, but will be added to regularly to serve as a resource to those who enjoy the Rising Dawn Saga.  This Lexicon and Field Guide does contain mild spoilers, so be advised! 

The World of The Rising Dawn Saga

The Rising Dawn Saga is set up in a world much like ours.   It is based upon the concept of parallel dimensions, which cutting-edge physics theories have recently begun to explore and envision.  Imagine it like the peels of an onion, with layers farther removed and others closer. 

The world in The Rising Dawn Saga is a “layer” that is very, very close to ours.  As such, it reflects a lot of close similarities to our own, even down to similar geography and names.

Some reviewers and readers have found this close parralel curious, but the placement of this story within a close, parallel dimension is not without a purpose.  Dimensions have a rather important part to play in the series…a little later!

The Middle Lands (Purgatarion)

The Middle Lands, or Purgatarion, is a massive realm that exists just outside the gates of the White City.  It goes to the very edge of the bottomless Abyss, and as such is literally in the middle of the Abyss and the heavenly realms. 

It is populated by the souls of  those who are not purified enough to withstand the time-transcendent state of being beyond the White City, but who are not among those condemned to the Abyss.

While the Middle Lands are plagued by periodic attacks from Diabolos’s forces in the deep Abyss, Adonai has provided numerous guardians to aid and protect the souls as they endure the often-long process of self-purification.

A Brief Appendix:

Adonai-the only being possessing the power of primary creation, the ability to call existence out of nothingness, Adonai transcends all time and space.  Adonai’s Presence has a manifestation on the Great Throne, which is within the heavenly realms, and is attended by the orders of Avatars and all manner of other spirits who have made it into the higher realms.

Aishim-a special order of Avatars, the Aishim are spirits that were originally mortals, who have been graced with the gift of being an Avatar in the afterworld.  Dark Aishim are their counterparts, wicked  and malevolent souls that have gained special favor with Diabolos.  Entire legions of warriors are formed on both sides out of the Aishim.

An-Ki- A shape-shifting race introduced in The Exodus Gate, where they take the forms of large, wolfish creatures, able to shift between a 4-legged form  and a humanoid, 2-legged form.  They were being hunted to extinction in the ancient world, at the time of the Great Flood, by the Nephilim.  The Nephilim are referred to by the An-Ki as Night Hunters, due to the latter’s tendency to strike unexpectedly out of the darkness.

Aracha-also called the Edge Dwellers, or the Sentinels, the Aracha are giant spider-like creatures that take a variety of forms, such as the huge Theraph or the rapid Saltic.  They ward the boundaries of Purgatarion, and those that are capable of web-spinning have fashioned an enormous network that reaches far down into the bottomless pit. 

Avatars-beings comprised of flame-like light, who vary in power and abilities and are grouped into a variety of orders.  Once united, there are now two great factions of Avatars.  Following the rebellion of Diabolos, a great number went into the Abyss and joined with Diabolos in the building of the Ten-Fold Kingdom.   These are known as the Fallen Avatars.

Azazel-A powerful Fallen Avatar who was one of the leaders of the effort to take control of the world before the Great Flood.   It was Azazel that guided a number of Fallen Avatars into the world, to take on physical forms, and to mate with humans.   The offspring of such unions were the Nephilim.  Azazel also had a major influence on the development of humans, teaching those that came under his influence the art of weapons and warfare.   In the Abyss, he is attended by great numbers of a special kind of Fallen Avatar, called the Seirim.

Calliel-an Avatar who becomes involved with Benedict and Arianna in the events of The Exodus Gate.  He plays a pivotal role in the rescue of the An-Ki, and acts as a guide to both them and the small group of humans that aid them.

Cerberons-huge, three-headed, dog-like beasts that are spawned from the union of the Fallen Avatars Typhon and Echidna.

Chimaira-another race of offspring from Typhon and Echidna, they are two headed, with one head like that of a lion, and the other of a goat.  Their hindquarters are reptilian, including a snake-like tail.  They can breathe short jets of fire.

The Convergence-a term describing the effort to usher in a new global order, one that will bring about a world-spanning law and economic system.  While many groups labor to bring about the Convergence, their visions of it range from purely material perspectives to deeply occult ones.  The roots of the Convergence goes back thousands of years, and the process has been meticulously guided by Diabolos and other powerful entities from the Abyss.  The manipulation of wars and economies, the creation of crisis, and the response to crisis have been major components of each new step along the road to the achievement of The Convergence.

The Craft-the mystic, occult arts aligned with the will of Diabolos.  Only a special few who have pledged their entire beings and souls to Diabolos are given access and revelation pertaining to the Ten-Fold Kingdom, and are able to wield spiritual powers derived from the Abyss.  Dagian Underwood is one of the most powerful of those who practice the Craft, but with the granting of such power comes the tether of responsibility, and accountability.

The Crystal Forests of Purgatarion-immaculate and breathtaking, the Crystal Forests of Purgatarion are where the Exiles can obtain the material they need to fashion hand-wielded weapons that draw off of their own spirit to empower them.  As a spirit in Exile cannot draw forth a weapon from their own essence, like the Avatars do when they pull forth fiery blades or spears from their own forms, the Crystal Forests are vital for those Exiles that choose to help defend Purgatarion.

Diabolos-also referred to as the Shining One, the Light Giver, the Morning Star, and other names, Diabolos is the lord of the Ten-Fold Kingdom, the greatest power within the Abyss.  Diabolos has grown in might ever since leading the first rebellion that began the Great War, and always hungers to be equivalent to Adonai, the only being in existence greater than Diabolos.

Djinn-gargantuan elemental beings that manifest most often as maelstroms of fire.  They ward the Void, and take no active part in the Great War.  They respond to any disturbance in the Void, such as spirit beings crossing to and from the material planes.

Ethon-giant eagle-like creatures that are the spawn of Typhon and Echidna.  Used both for attack, and to ferry the flightless hellspawn to and from the depths of the Abyss. 

Geryon-brawny and towering in height, the Geryon are offspring of Typhon and Echidna that serve to drive the Orthun into battle, acting like pack-masters.  Set upon two thick legs, multiple torsos sprout upward on each Geryon, each torso fitted with powerful arms and a head.  The Geryon carry obsidian shields and spear-like weapons that act similar to the crystal weapons carried by the denizens of Purgatarion, in that they draw their force from the spirit of the wielder.

Godral-the principle lieutenant to Sargor, Godral is a powerful An-Ki warrior, who is dedicated to his leader and mentor.   Godral’s Life Mate is Mariassa, and the An-Ki warriors that he is closest to are Kantel and Valia.

Gryphons-creatures of legend in the material world, Gryphons populate the Purgatarion, where they help to protect the Exiles.  With the head of eagles, and the bodies of lions, they are swift and powerful.

Gulagar-not unlike a living Gargoyle, these creatures are as still as stone wherever they position themselves throughout Purgatarion, mostly keeping to lofty overlooks.  Whenever a creature of the Abyss draws near, they come into full consciousness and motion.  Tall, winged, and daunting in appearance, they are one of the strongest guardians for the Exiles.

The Hunt-presided over by the Avatar Arawn, and a penitent, but powerful, human spirit named Mallt, the Hunt consists of a horde of massive hounds that track and pursue anything from the Abyss foolish enough to linger for very long within the boundaries of Purgatarion.

Initiates of the Faith-humans who have willfully committed themselves to Diabolos.  They are very involved in the Convergence, and hold or have been placed in many key positions of authority or responsibility.  From special units of soldiers, to officers, to administrators and executives, the Initiates of the Faith see to the things that must be done to clear obstacles and advance the Convergence.  Unlike many who work for the Convergence, they understand the true source of the effort. 


Jeqonadin-One of the Nephilim, Jeqonadin is the son of the Fallen Avatar Jeqon.  Of the Nephilim that share its form, Jeqonadin is the mightiest, and is a relentless hunter of the An-Ki.

Ladon-the Ladon are titanic, wingless, dragon-like creatures with as many as a hundred heads.  Mainly confined to the Ten-Fold Kingdom, they have not been used in war upon the Middle Lands prior to the events of The Storm Guardians.

Life Mate-the An-Ki are monogamous creatures that mate for life.  The Life Mate is the special male or female that an An-Ki forms a deep bond with.  Only with a Life Mate does an An-Ki engage in Life Unions, which take place during one special time of each year, and results in new life.  The bonds and commitments of Life Mates , and the connection of those elements to the generation of new life, resonate at very sacred levels with the An-Ki.

Mikael-the great general of Adonai, Mikael led the legions that hurled Diabolos and his legions out of the heavenly realms following the outbreak of the Great War.  It was Mikael that announced the coming of the Deluge to the Fallen Avatars that had become incarnate to give rise to the Nephilim.


Nemeans-massive lion-like spawn of Typhon and Echidna, these creatures from the Abyss are capable of great speed and punishing attacks, and are often deployed in large numbers.

Nephilim-also referred to as the Erkorenen, the Night Hunters, or the Annunaki, they are the offspring of Fallen Avatars and humans, who came into existence during the age prior to the Great Flood.  They have a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms, as the blood of the Fallen Avatars expressed itself in the generation of all manner of monstrosities that serve as the basis for most all of the mythical and legendary creatures, in all cultures across the world.

Order of the Temple-a centuries-old secret society that is one of several that have come together to advance the Convergence.  Members of the Order of the Temple have their own system, signs, and practices, but they have come to work closely with other orders sharing the common cause of bringing about a new global order.

Peris-a fairy-like race of spirits, who once sided with Diabolos, but have come to reject their ways and seek to gain Adonai’s kingdom.  They live among the Exiles in the Middle Lands, where they must face their greatest enemies, the bestial Deevs, from time to time.   Asa’an, a Peri encountered in The Exodus Gate, has a friendship with the Exile Friedrich, and helped him to witness the rare appearance of Quilin within the Middle Lands.

Purgatarion-also called the Middle Lands, Purgatarion is where spirits that are not yet pure enough to enter the heavenly realms, but are not wicked enough to fall into the Abyss, take refuge.  A variety of guardians have been placed in the Middle Lands to help protect the Exiles, such as Wyverns, Gryphons, the Aracha, the Hunt, the Gulagar, and many more.

Queran-the An-Ki leader of one of the three clans that exist after the schism of Sargor’s original group that came through the gate.  She is supported by a great warrior named Gorthaur.

Quilin-fearsomely powerful creatures of the heavenly realms that diligently protect the pure of spirit.  They are encountered in the Exodus Gate, accompanying a group of child-spirits being guided by the High Avatar Metaraon.

The Risen Throne-the seat of Diabolos at the 10th level, it represents the genesis of the Ten-Fold Kingdom following the fall from the heavenly realms.

Sammael-one of the greatest of the Fallen Avatars, Sammael has three consorts, Lilith, Namaah, and Agrat Bat Mahlat.  Sammael came into the world to subdue it, and prepare the way for the ascension of Diabolos in the time before the Great Flood.

Sargor-aging leader of the largest faction of An-Ki following the schism in the forest.  Sargor is the father of Sarangar, and is supported steadfastly in his leadership by Godral.

Seirim-goat-like, demonic creatures that serve the Fallen High Avatar Azazel.  They walk upon two legs and have a humanoid body, with a goat’s head. 

Sphingon-another kind of offspring from Typhon and Echidna, these winged creatures have lion-like bodies with the heads of stunningly beautiful human women, only their jaws are lined with an arsenal of long, spiky teeth. 

Society of the Red Shield-one of the age-old secret societies that are working towards the attainment of The Convergence.  Jovan Avery is a member of this Society, and after reaching its highest level has been introduced to spiritual entities that have given him greatly useful advice and guidance. 

The Ten-Eminencies-also referred to sometimes as the Grand Council of the 10th Hell, these are Fallen Avatars of great authority, each one empowered by Diabolos over one of the 10 Hells that comprise the Ten-Fold Kingdom.

The Ten-Fold Kingdom-the great Vortex, the realm of Diabolos which is ordered into ten general levels, represented by the Ten Eminencies that attend to Diabolos around the Risen Throne.  Each of the ten levels are a Hell each and of themselves, containing innumerable environments and lesser realms.

The Void-the Void is the inner space between the material planes and the non-physical realms.  It contains the unconscious spirits that have fallen in conflicts and battles across the ages, and is guarded by the great Djinn, gargantuan elemental beings that manifest most often as maelstroms of fire.

Uria-leader of the third faction of An-Ki following the schism of the original clan that came through the gate.  Uria’s clan is the smallest of the three, and contains no elderly or young, but has some of the most physical, dangerous warriors of the surviving An-Ki.

Watchers-two groups of Watchers are portrayed in the Rising Dawn Saga.  The first were servants of Adonai originally, who were assigned to monitor the world.  They were seduced into joining with the Fallen Avatars that took on physical bodies and mated with humans to produce the Nephilim.  A new order of Watchers was raised up following the great deluge, huge, multi-winged beings, with many eyes, long, extended bodies with four legs, out of which rises a humanoid torso with arms.    They are of four general types;  echoing the forms of bulls, eagles, lions, and humans. 

The White City-a resplendent, pure city with towering ramparts and a great, golden gate that serves as the eastern boundary of Purgatarion.  Beyond it are the infinite realms of Adonai, and only a pure soul can approach and pass through the gate.  For Exiles, the brightness of it is too dazzling to even gaze upon.

Wyverns-two-legged, dragon-like creatures, the Wyverns are another race of guardians provided by Adonai to protect the souls dwelling in Purgatarion.