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The Saga

The Rising Dawn Saga takes place in a world much like our own, but delves into the mysterious and fantastical worlds that lay beyond the physical realm.

What if you were a nationally syndicated radio host, whose show dealt with topics like the paranormal, shadow governments and conspiracies, mythological creatures, and the supernatural?

What if you came into possession of a virtual reality simulator that brought you face to face with the revelation that the topics on your show were rooted in hard reality?

You would find yourself at the threshold of The Exodus Gate, immersed into the midst of a titanic war between the heavenly realms of Adonai and the infernal dominion of Diabolos, The Shining One. 

The Shining One's supernatural and worldly servants are racing to estabish a united dominion over the entire world, laboring to bring back the Nephilim, the monstrous offpsring of Fallen Avatars and humans destroyed in a Great Flood. 

The adventure continues in The Storm Guardians, book two of the Rising Dawn Saga, and The Seventh Throne, book three.

Video Trailers for The Exodus Gate and The Storm Guardians:

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